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Hands-On While using Seiko SLA019J1 MarinemasterThe Seiko Marinemaster 300 is just about the best replica watches I bought nowadays. Period. Emotions aside, this watch is indeed much bang for your buck, who's definitely wins off their diving replica watches by brands like Tudor, Oris, Longines and perhaps even IWC, Omega and Rolex considering what you'd get for the money. A serious bold statement, but when I received it in January 2015, it were built with a retail price of 鈧?000 and then there was nothing that came nearby the specifications the Marinemaster 300 had to the price. Now, they discontinued the Marinemaster 300 (SBDX017) and introduced this Seiko SLA019J1 or '1968 Automatic Diver's Limited Edition' as it's officially known. Can it be still nearly as good and ass-kicking as the predecessors? Let's take a peek.Seiko SLA019J1 ProspexOfficially, the Seiko SLA019J1 isn't an Marinemaster, but everyone knows it's, needless to say. This reference can be a commemorative (limited) edition for the first model from 1968, Seiko's reference 6159. Below, the SBDX012 (2015's anniversary model) and the vintage 1968 reference 6159-7000. Photo credit to Stefan Mollin (make sure to check his website), that's a collector and expert on Seiko replica watches.On this 1968 Automatic Diver's special, the Seiko SLA019J1 is not the 1st nor only commemorative model that Seiko devised for a historical watch. Just like many other brands, they find inspiration inside their archives to generate new replica watches for enthusiasts and collectors. Which is not necessarily a bad part of my opinion tag heuer aquaracer chronometer watches , as the historical models are usually preferred and highly in demand. People genuinely proven designs a great deal. Collectors might rather pursue the original references, however, if these are unavailable or crazily expensive, a fixed edition is the next best thing, right?Marinemaster 300 DiscontinuedJust prior to introduction of the new Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex, the rumour is out the Marinemaster 300 SBDX017 (find our two reviews on it here and here) can be discontinued. This rumour was confirmed to us during our choosing Seiko in Basel, it will be really stopped. This Seiko SLA019J1 can be a exclusive edition to commemorate the Marinemaster 300, but mainly with the reference 6215-7000. With that being said, I do not believe that the Marinemaster 300 is going to be discontinued forever.The SBDX001, one which I have and reviewed in-depth last 2015 (make out the print here) had some shortcomings, but only smaller ones. The SBDX017 references summer dresses that succeeded the SDBX001, had subtle updates. We were holding mainly with the movement (from 8L35 to 8L35B), that had the new MEMS technology and with the DiaShield coating on the case. A DLC treatment you can say, to defend the truth and bracelet from being scratched too easily. Then, there was by adding the Prospex logo on the crown and also the utilization of a different Lumibrite composition around the dial and hands to really make it all the more luminous (and longer). replica red breitling watches What wouldn't change, was the usage of Seiko's Hardlex crystal. When asked, Seiko asserted using sapphire rather than Hardlex would improve the tariff of the watch a lot, even though the extra hardness on the sapphire when compared with Hardlex was not worth that much difference. However, the demand remained to exist, likely new Seiko SLA019J1 they seem to have followed the individual. It now utilizes a sapphire crystal.8L35 caliber, used in the Marinemaster collection, is also manufactured in Morioka.What's New Concerning the Seiko SLA019J1But the sapphire crystal is not the only stuff that changed compared to the Marinemaster 300 SBDX017. The diving bezel around the Marinemaster 300 could possibly have looks like it turned out ceramic, automobile highly polish gloss, nevertheless it was only metal. Using this new unique Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex, it can be finally created from ceramic. The application of sapphire along with a ceramic bezel is needless to say reflected within the price, this agreement Let me get back together later.Most notable are of course the hole colour of the dial and bezel about this Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex diver. Very hulk-ish, although 44.3mm case stayed, making it merely the colour. Green looks good about the Seiko Marinemaster 300 SLA019J1 and i also can only think of the run it'll cause in the event the watch hits the shops this month. Only 1968 pieces will likely be made , to highlight the entire year on the original Seiko reference 6215-7000 diver's replica watches. More pieces versus the other commemorative edition to the 6215, the 1968 Automatic Diver's Re-creation Special. We mentioned that watch briefly in your Seiko BaselWorld 2018 overview, to read that it model just has a manufacture of 1500 pieces and is clearly a re-edition with the 6215. It uses the 8L55 movement, the high beat calibre (36000vph). The Seiko SLA019J1 is usually a modern interpretation, or evolved kind of the 1968 watch, similar to the SBDX001 and SBDX017 Marinemaster 300 replica watches.Back to the hole, as outlined by Seiko it has been inspired through the Yakushima Island. Within this island rolex replica , you will find the Japanese cedar, called yakusugi, which consists of deep green coloured leaves. Because of its impressive forests, Yakushima Island is probably the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan. Yakushima has many underwater treasures also, making it a common spot for deep-sea diving. Now that you've learned why Seiko picked the ceramic bezel and dial for being green.A fascinating design feature may be the using the gold coloured seconds hand and also the '300m' printed in gold. My colleague Mike already commented on it a single of his BaselWorld 2018 reports, while he didn't in this way excessive, however i should disagree with him. I really just like the gold on green. Admittedly it isn't very sporty perhaps, but neither are you but this combination is a little including the image above (from Seiko), where you could understand the gold colours in the sun light combined with saving money in the forest on Yakushima Island.From the Seiko SLA019J1, we find their calibre 8L35B movement that has been also found in their SBDX017 reference. Although my very own Marinemaster 300 SBDX001 contains the previous iteration of this movement, I never noticed any deviation that annoyed me. The 8L35B will be based upon the Grand Seiko 9S55 calibre, but lacks the degree of finish on the GS movement and will not possess the specific regulation that a GS watch receives. However, that does not mean it performs noticeably worse. This is a good and reliable movement and fits a sports watch. Because you don't see it anyway, I will do with no nice(r) GS finishing anyway.Bracelet and StrapWhat didn't change will be the bracelet with this watch. Although there's qualitywise nothing much wrong with the stainless bracelet, my regular complaint with them is valid: the clasp. The clasp on the bracelet has the tendency to 'extend' when you open it, as being the flip-lock also 'unlocks' the bracelet extension after you move it beyond the boundary backwards. When it's on the wrist, nothing may go wrong. It's a good solid bracelet, but just this unwanted behaviour when release the folding clasp always annoys me. Form stainless steel bracelet, Seiko will toss in one of the comfortable silicon straps.The Seiko SLA019J1 The End of a period?Because i wrote earlier, with all the discontinuation from the Seiko Marinemaster 300, the Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex can be viewed because the end of this. The encore of your iconic diver. But I don't and won't believe that to tell the truth. The Marinemaster 300 has become too successful for being stopped at this time. Although There's no doubt that how the cheaper diving models (including the Turtles, SKX007, Scubas etc) probably sell in higher volumes, they don't come close towards the professional specifications with the Marinemaster 300 and this Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex. This high-quality diver's watch is now being made in same position where Grand Seikos are born, having a movement that is based on one of the former Grand Seiko calibres and let's keep in mind with regards to the monobloc case construction. No, this watch is probably the end of the Marinemaster 300 we all know it, on the other hand am convinced that Seiko should come up with a worthy successor. Maybe the Seiko SLA019J1 is merely a forerunner of what's going to be coming. Saphire crystal, ceramic bezel, monobloc case along with the incredible 8L35B movement. The Marinemaster 300, and also this Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex diver's watch is, i believe, just one stop before Grand Seiko.Final Thoughts For the Seiko SLA019J1 ProspexWith a retail price of 鈧?200, the Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex is obviously higher priced compared to SBDX001 which i reviewed way back in 2015 (and listed for 鈧?200 less), but it really 's still so much valueable for cash. I have no doubts this watch is going to be soon out of stock. Also, I am pretty sure the discontinuation on the former Marinemaster 300 models can provide a bit of a run using those that will still be you can find (including pre-owned). Particularly when you'll find one pre-owned with an interesting price (there's currently one on Chrono24 for under 鈧?700), there is not only one doubt over the internet that it is the best diver's or sports watch you will find out there.Supposing that a prospective successor is often more in the 鈧?000 region, you may want to grab one when you still can.Having said that, if you're searching for just a diver's watch that has many bang with the buck (even at 鈧?200, the Seiko SLA019J1 'Marinemaster 300' still does) so you choose one of the green special edition models still available, do it. It's an incredibly beautiful watch but additionally, serious competition for (Swiss) replica watches which can be priced higher. For collectors of anything 'underwater Seiko': this watch is often a no-brainer.Additional information via Seiko on-line.